Life as an Expat in the Netherlands: Reflecting on a Year Abroad

Today is September 7th, one full year since I moved to the Netherlands. One full year since I arrived at Schiphol airport with no intention of going back. The Netherlands, a country with lots of water and mills. A lot as happened since then, and while I can't recount every single thing in this post,... Continue Reading →

Should I Move to Europe? Answering the Question You’ve been Asking Yourself

Lately, I've been talking to people back in the US, who—for one reason or another—tell me they want to move to Europe. I get it. A few years ago before the 2016 election, there were a bunch of jokes about emigrating to Europe if there was a certain outcome. Turns out that certain outcome happened,... Continue Reading →

The Dutch LOVE Sunny Days

I know what you're thinking— everybody loves sunny days! Well, but not like the Dutch. When the sun is out, so are the Dutch. I don't think they understand that they still have the option of staying at home even when it's not raining. Most days in the Netherlands are rainy and cold, so I... Continue Reading →

Biking in the Netherlands vs the US

Here's the crazy thing. When my girlfriend Sara first told me that biking in the US was a living nightmare for her, I just didn't get it. Biking isn't BIG in the US overall, but it is gaining popularity in many American cities. How different could the Netherlands really be? To be fair, this was... Continue Reading →

Boats, canals, and cobblestone streets

When my Dutch girlfriend told me that her friends in the Netherlands owned boats, I was shocked. I checked with her to make sure she wasn't trying to say "row boat" or "canoe" instead. Nope, she means actual freaking boats with motors and everything. It's not that boats are particularly expensive— I mean, they can... Continue Reading →

Living in Amsterdam vs. Utrecht

A large number of expats want to live in Amsterdam. And a large number of expats end up actually living in Amsterdam. It makes sense, there are a ton of jobs there, everyone speaks English, and you can make friends with other expats. But since the prices have been rising in the Dutch capital, it... Continue Reading →

3 Expat Problems in this Coronavirus Outbreak

The coronavirus outbreak has made it a trying time for everyone. I've been hearing about all kinds of problems from various groups of individuals, those who can't work from home, those from countries where the healthcare system isn't as accessible, from people in crowded places who are worried for the safety of others. The list... Continue Reading →

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