7 American things that are weird for Dutch people!

You've heard me talk about how some things in the Netherlands are truly very different from what an American like me is used to. There's a lot of culture shock to deal with when you move from the United States to the Netherlands. And even though I don't think about this much, there's A LOT... Continue Reading →

Things I wished Americans knew about the Netherlands

Before my first trip to the Dutchlands four years ago, I thought that the whole country was nothing but the city of Amsterdam, which comprised solely of the red light district, weed, and the "I amsterdam" sign. You can imagine how shocked I was when I found out that wasn't the case. What was I... Continue Reading →

The Dutch LOVE Sunny Days

I know what you're thinking— everybody loves sunny days! Well, but not like the Dutch. When the sun is out, so are the Dutch. I don't think they understand that they still have the option of staying at home even when it's not raining. Most days in the Netherlands are rainy and cold, so I... Continue Reading →

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