A Note on Moving Abroad (it can improve your life)

One of the reasons I started this blog was to share my experiences of living abroad so that others who couldn't could live vicariously through me. It was also to inspire people to take the leap and move to a different place, if that's something they've always wanted to do. A year and a half... Continue Reading →

Changing Outlook on Working Life: Lessons from Living Abroad

In the US, especially in big cities, every neighborhood is bound to have at least one nice café that you can go to. You know what's great about Europe, and especially here in the Netherlands? Every neighborhood is bound to have at least A FEW good cafés. Café in Utrecht. A bit empty due to... Continue Reading →

Living in Amsterdam vs. Utrecht

A large number of expats want to live in Amsterdam. And a large number of expats end up actually living in Amsterdam. It makes sense, there are a ton of jobs there, everyone speaks English, and you can make friends with other expats. But since the prices have been rising in the Dutch capital, it... Continue Reading →

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