Museums, Brunch, and Coffee in Amsterdam amidst Covid-19

Over two weeks ago, right before the government suggested stricter regulations for curbing the ongoing spread of the coronavirus, I made another trip to Amsterdam from Utrecht. Since March, this short train ride of 20 mins has become a true mental barrier. And I can imagine that this isn't just me, but many others must... Continue Reading →

Living in the Netherlands: How will the Dutch Lifestyle change after COVID-19?

Okay, so I moved to the Netherlands to experience the Dutch way of life. The typical Dutch lifestyle with "gezelligheid" (coziness). And the Netherlands is still a very cozy country, but will Dutch culture withstand the changes brought on by the infamous coronavirus? I know you're thinking the same thing about where you live right... Continue Reading →

Expat Rentals in Amsterdam and Utrecht

Recently, I've had several conversations about the renting process in Amsterdam and Utrecht with people who're looking to move to these cities. My partner Sara and I have looked for several short term places in Amsterdam, and last year, I had to look for my first permanent rental as an expat. At the time, Sara... Continue Reading →

3 Expat Problems in this Coronavirus Outbreak

The coronavirus outbreak has made it a trying time for everyone. I've been hearing about all kinds of problems from various groups of individuals, those who can't work from home, those from countries where the healthcare system isn't as accessible, from people in crowded places who are worried for the safety of others. The list... Continue Reading →

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