A Day in The Hague and Learning Surprising Facts about the Netherlands

Until last Sunday, I had never been to The Hague. Even though I had visited the Netherlands seven times before I moved here permanently last year, I did not have the chance to see many other places besides Amsterdam and Utrecht. Because there was so much to see and do already! Now that it's the... Continue Reading →

Living in the Netherlands: How will the Dutch Lifestyle change after COVID-19?

Okay, so I moved to the Netherlands to experience the Dutch way of life. The typical Dutch lifestyle with "gezelligheid" (coziness). And the Netherlands is still a very cozy country, but will Dutch culture withstand the changes brought on by the infamous coronavirus? I know you're thinking the same thing about where you live right... Continue Reading →

The Dutch LOVE Sunny Days

I know what you're thinking— everybody loves sunny days! Well, but not like the Dutch. When the sun is out, so are the Dutch. I don't think they understand that they still have the option of staying at home even when it's not raining. Most days in the Netherlands are rainy and cold, so I... Continue Reading →

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