Changing Outlook on Working Life: Lessons from Living Abroad

In the US, especially in big cities, every neighborhood is bound to have at least one nice café that you can go to. You know what's great about Europe, and especially here in the Netherlands? Every neighborhood is bound to have at least A FEW good cafés. Café in Utrecht. A bit empty due to... Continue Reading →

A Coffee in Amsterdam (with a small cookie)

Cafes and "terrasjes" will be open starting June 1st. After more than two months of being closed down due to the COVID-19 crisis, I, along with the rest of the Netherlands, will finally be able to enjoy a good coffee outside of my own home. For those of you who don't know, the Dutch word... Continue Reading →

No, You Can’t Ask Me That!

When you think about the typical characteristics of the Dutch, one of the first things that you're sure to hear is how the Dutch are oh-so-direct! "You've got stuff between your teeth!" So ruthless and straight to the point. Us Americans, we're polite, we'll let you smile to the world with a celery stub in... Continue Reading →

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