The Tough Moments of Living Abroad

A part of me didn't want to write this blog post. Why share something that isn't great when waiting until the tears have dried out, the wine's been drunk, and then you have no choice but to smile is always an option? Because, hey, the world's a bit rosier after rosé. Just kidding, of course.... Continue Reading →

American Learns How to Bike in the Netherlands

Some of you may read this title and think I'm talking about learning to bike in the Netherlands specifically. That's the beauty of an ambiguous title like this—it means what you want it to mean. In the early days when I would visit the Netherlands as a tourist, I refrained from biking here. At the... Continue Reading →

Smaller Dutch Towns and Cities

I usually blog from my apartment in Utrecht, but now that the corona measures have been considerably lifted, I am finding that I can indeed blog from wherever I like. Right now, I am on a train to Den Helder from Utrecht, and I am extremely grateful for how easy it is to get around... Continue Reading →

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